Experience with Alicia Quaini in Magic Dance:

The class with Alicia was an exploration of body movements and their displacement in space.

It was a smooth, rhythmic work of joint and muscular movements with deep inner energetic work. In particular, I experienced some muscle tension in the shoulder girdle with reduction and limitation of spontaneous movement at the level of shoulder internal rotation.

On a professional level as an integrative doctor, specialized in Chinese Medicine, it impresses me as a therapeutic process at the level of the energetic kingdom of wood with great benefit at both the Yang level of the Psyche, the Hum, and the Yin level of the Liver with all its large area of ​​energy action.

It has been a healthy experience on a comprehensive level, which I recommend.

Dr. Lastenia Narvaez


The exercises have been effective and precise. Yes, they are going to work directly on the gluteal muscles. 

My body felt the work in depth and there were slight changes in all the muscles of the pelvic area… This seemed impressive to me!!!

Alicia explains each exercise in a friendly and simple way and knows how to read the group so as not to demand too much, but at the same time demand enough for the work to take effect, so that you understand very well what to do and you notice the differences. results.

I feel excited and I know that the results will be seen. Alicia is a professional and focuses on making the work effective.

I want to add that stretching helped me do the Split like never before! 

Anyway, Alicia, thank you very much!!!!! 



On Monday Alícia Quaini gave a master class in which I learned a lot on a physical and also human and spiritual level.

It opened new thresholds for me physically and mentally. 

He gave us great and super effective exercises and proposals to develop, the results of which I have also been feeling after the class as well as in it.

It is wonderful to be able to admire her qualities and abilities as a trainer of her innovative method of muscle development.

I came out changed. And I am completely and absolutely and grateful.

I encourage everyone to enjoy this gift that we now have at Valencia Palmeral Beach.



Experiencia positiva y recomendable tras la 1ª clase del lunes. Alicia me sorprendió gratamente por su trabajo desde la biomecánica y el estar tan pendiente de la técnica y la conciencia corporal, así como por todo lo compartido en la charla de después…

Nos vemos el próximo lunes, un abrazo




 The entire gluteal muscles are worked very effectively and the stretching is phenomenal. At least for me it has been an excellent workout… Of course, I’m going slowly and I can’t handle many repetitions because I’m overweight. But working gluteal muscles, it works! 

Yesterday afternoon there were important details about my posture that I realized I was forgetting when training: for example, honing in on placing my feet parallel or becoming aware of the different ranges of shoulder mobility. 

Thanks to Alicia’s guidance I was able to perceive it. 





Buenas noches a todos. La clase me pareció excelente. Es muy dinámica, precisa y útil para muchos aspectos físicos y emocionales.

Nos permite observar nuestro cuerpo con más atención. 




De la sesión de hoy me quedo con que para estirar más profundamente el estiramiento ha de ser más intenso, bien hecho y supervisado cuando se está aprendiendo. En mi caso me estoy recuperando de lesión y voy muy atenta para no forzar y encontrar el límite para no hacerme daño y al mismo tiempo ganar cada día un poquito más de fuerza, movilidad y flexibilidad-elasticidad.





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